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"At the Spoga show I have seen several copies of the Cachet Saddle. There were at least 3 copies by UK manufacturers with another UK manufacturer promising that they would be introducing another copy next spring. The copies are nothing like the 'Original' Cachet Saddle in regards to quality and the skilful workmanship I am used to from Cardanel Saddles!"

"Words fall short of how grateful I am - this isn't just a saddle, it's a work of art. Carl should get an MBE for his contribution to the saddle making industry! If I could nominate him, I would!!" says Marian from the Isle Of Wight

"I am so thrilled with every piece of saddlery you have sent. My goodnes the saddles are just so devine. I can't speak highly enough!
It makes my job that much easier when I am representing a product I am totally in love with." says Shana from New Zealand

"Building a saddle is like creating a piece of art. Cardanel Saddlery is an elite group of craftsmen that have finely honed their skills to develop saddles that are for the equestrian seeking that special feel and close contact with their horse." says Deborah Whitty, President, Trilogy Saddles by Performance Saddlery, Qualified Fitter Society of Master Saddlers of England"

"I have ridden in my share of nice saddles but this is my favorite. The leather is absolutely wonderful, the stitching is all very tight & even. The panels are deep and gusseted to allow for alot of adjustabiliy. I can't think of anything that I don't like about this saddle. I love it, love it, love it!"

"Carl - The saddle looks fantastic , I bet that is the best saddle that you have ever made. All the modifications are exactly what I wanted. Thank you very much!"

"Just wanted to drop you a note to tell you how delighted my customer was with the dressage saddle. I went out and fitted it this evening. Not only is it perfect for the horse but the rider position is fantastic. I cannot thank you enough for your help and speedy delivery"

"You asked me to let you know how my saddle worked for endurance riding. After 14 - 50 mile rides, I can tell you that it was really comfortable and secure, in all kinds of conditions and terrains. Your saddle was absolutely wonderful for the sport. So-thank you for making a huge difference in my riding."

"I love you guys!!!You're saddles are the best!!!."

"The saddles are wonderful!! I can not begin to tell you how pleased I was as we began to check them in. They are beautiful. The extra effort is obvious: it is a very classy saddle. I want you to know how much I appreciate your effort. I must say I am overjoyed with the quality and craftmanship. Every time the saddles arrive they look better and better!"

"I delivered the smaller jump saddle yesterday. The customer was thrilled! Her trainer thought it was the best saddle she had ever seen!"

The Society of Master Saddlers