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Cachet Dressage Saddle

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This saddle was designed exclusively for the horse and rider – with comfort in mind. As one of our most popular Saddles, the Cardanel Cachet has it all... This saddle is pure luxury.

The Standard specifications are:

  • French Covered Hide Flaps and Skirts with soft inserts and Calf Seat and Flap Roll
  • Made on our own design Tree with Sprenger bars
  • Round Cantle
  • Full Length firm Knee Roll
  • Narrow Twist
  • Front and Back Gussets
  • Point and Sliding 'V' Webb Girth Strapping System
  • Crewed Hole Flap Loops
  • 4 x 18" Straps
  • White Wool Flocking

Welt: In order to personalise your Saddle, we give a choice of different Welt colours at no extra charge. Choose from: Black, Brown, Tan (London), Burgundy, Red, Dark Blue, Cream, White, Silver and Gold.

Saddle Specifications: Although each of our Saddles has Standard specifications, they are all made specifically to order. Therefore if a client has special requirements, we can build these in to the manufacturing of the Saddle. This means the Saddle does not have to be altered after manufacture. 
For an additional charge, we can modify the Saddle in the following areas:

  • Make a shorter or longer Flap length
  • Change the Girth Strapping System to various other options
  • Make adjustment to the type of Cantle
  • Change the type of Panel
  • Make adjustments to the Front and Back Gussets
  • Give a choice of Leather options
  • Make a wider of narrower Gullet Width
  • Give a choice of Flap Loop options
  • Change the Knee Roll specifications

Guarantee: We give a 2 year Guarantee on leather defects (excluding normal wear and tear, neglect and failing to keep product in a good condition) and a 5 year warranty on trees.

If you have any questions or require any further information, please contact us.

Sizes:  16.5" to 18.5"
Fits:  Narrow to Extra Wide or to profile
  Australian Nut   Black
  Havana   Newmarket
The Society of Master Saddlers